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Find your future with LARM2022!

15 February 09:00 - 16:00 CET

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Organised by LARM

About LARM

LARM is a career Fair arranged by LinTek, the Student Union at the Institute of Technology at Linköping University, and gives thousands of students the opportunity to interact with exhibitors from multiple areas and industries. It’s a great way for both students and industry to meet and establish contacts, and discuss summer jobs and employment. It is attended by exhibitors from industry, it, bank- and consultant companies and organisations, and is one of the biggest career Fairs in Sweden. The goal is to reach a variety of exhibitors to showcase a realistic picture of the current labor market. 


Schedule pre-LARM

2/2 - Lunch lecture with Patent & Registreringsverket.

3/2 - Lunch lecture with SCANIA CV

4/2 - Lunch seminar with Lumera

9/2 - Lunch lecture with Microtec

10/2 - Lunch lecture with Toyota Material Handling

11/2 - Lunch lecture with Arriver Software

15/2 - Lunch lecture with SCANIA CV

For more information about the events, and for links to register. Check


How it works

  • Create an account on LARMs virtual platform and update your student profile. A detailed profile gives you a better opportunity to match with exhibitors you’re interested in!
  • Before the Fair, you can read about the exhibitors by visiting their stalls. Come prepared to make the most out of the Fair!
  • A few weeks prior to the Fair you can schedule individual meetings with some of the exhibitors.
  • On the Fair Day you are able to chat with all exhibitors, and if you want to, you may continue the conversations by voice and video chat. 
  • Exhibitors will also be able to initiate a conversation with you if they find your profile interesting.
  • When the Fair Day is over, you may still continue the initiated conversations through the platform.


Why should I attend?

  • LARM gives you the opportunity to take a step from university to working life.
  • Information about companies is collected in one place to give you a good overview of the job market. 
  • You have the chance to be headhunted by exhibitors and find your future ideal workplace.
  • By using filters you can easily match with companies living up to your criterias.
  • You can attend the Fair no matter where you are.